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Secure systems. Peace of mind.

Protect your business from external threats and avoid internal risks. Security of your business data is paramount.


Training and upskilling 

Invest in knowledge of your team to better protect and scale your business. We are happy to share the lessons we learned along the way.

System testing


We understand the needs and challenges in your business. Test your systems with our help, identify flaws, avoid incidents and stay safe.

Recovery of business systems


A security incident occurred? Minimize the impact or loss of business and accelerate the return to normal functioning with our help.

Project-based solutions


Every business company is unique. There’s a solution to every challenge. We’re here to help you find the best solution, together.


Risk Management


Identify the risks in your business and put them under control. We can help you identify them and reduce the negative consequences of risks, increasing the chances of your company’s success.

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Consultancy services

The key to success is identifying security and other business risks before they become a problem.

Protect your business from external threats and internal risks. The security of your business and data is top priority.

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The average cost of a security incident in a small business can range from several thousand dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of incident and the degree of severity. However, there are certain incidents that can cost you much more.

Don’t wait for the incident to happen, prevent them and protect yourself with our help!

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